System possibilities

The possibilities of the system



The remote management and parameters control system Teliam provides a wide range of possibilities: reading and controlling of data, management of equipment and automation of business processes.


The hardware performs the following functions:



  • Reading of current and voltage based pressure/temperature sensors (2 units at one point) and forwarding of data to the server;
  • Quick reading of emergency signal and forwarding of the signal to the server and responsible persons by electronic mail or by an SMS message;
  • The alarm system, automatically notifying on any deviations of parameters from the norm;
  • Monitoring of the state of the routes and forwarding of data to the server or other systems (for instance, GIS);
  • Remote reading of power metering devices and forwarding of readings to the server;
  • In case of interruption of communication with the server the accumulation of the read data in the reading equipment and their forwarding to the server is performed outright upon the recovery of communication;


In case of power interruptions, the metering can be connected to solar batteries. In case of power outage the transmission equipment is power supplied autonomously, thus ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the system and saving the collected data.



The software performs the following functions:


  • Systematic monitoring of certain actions, collecting the information, necessary for management of the system;
  • The possibility of remote connection to the desired point of reading and obtaining its current, hourly, day’s, monthly, etc. data;
  • Graphical representation of the data;
  • Data analysis;
  • Control and grouping of consumers;
  • Generation of reports.