System possibilities

The Benefits


Upon implementation of the remote management and parameters control system Teliam and connecting it to any digital device, the following possibilities are ensured:


  • Automatic provision of information on any emergency situation and taking quick measures in order to locate the emergency, identify the time of its occurrence and reduce the incurred damage;
  • Reduction of the commercial loss to the minimum;
  • Increase of performance by collecting readings and generating reports;
  • Significant reduction of the number of errors in bills;
  • Reduction of the employees’ workload;
  • Reduction of the consumers’ dissatisfaction with incorrect bills;
  • Saving the transportation costs, etc..


When evaluating the efficiency of the management and parameters control system Teliam one should not limit only to the benefits, obtained as the result of automation processing of data. The Teliam system, operated in real time provides the possibility to perform the analysis of fraudulent consumption. During the several years of operation multiple cases of stealing of energy and willful damaging of power metering devices were identified at power supply provision enterprises alone. The system allows for avoiding mutual misunderstandings, i. e. the possibility of frauds on behalf of customers is reduced and provision of accurate bills by service providers is ensured.