System possibilities

System overview

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Transmission of data from equipment, installed at remote sites and the management of the equipment was commenced to be employed already in the sixties of the 20th century with the emergence of simple wireless technologies and commencement of the computerization process. The remote metering, i. e. telemetry, provides the possibility to remotely measure and transfer the information on the state and parameters of different systems and if necessary, to control them. Telemetry solutions are used every day, for instance, when paying at a café, Internet shopping, viewing weather information, etc..


Teliam is a remote parameter monitoring and management system, the purpose of which is to read the parameters of remote equipment and forward them to servers via wire, radio, GSM network or the Internet. The remote monitoring and management system is intended for:


  • Energy usage audit;
  • Remote control of equipment parameters;
  • Controlling electronic devices, located in any place in the world;
  • Automation of business processes;
  • Handling and using the received data according to the customer’s needs (collection of data, normalization of the process, preservation, verification, correction, analyzing and exporting the data to other business management systems);
  • Monitoring of energy consumption and control of production or purchase of energy (heating, electricity) in real time;
  • Locating and informing the employees on emergency situations.


The Teliam system characterizes with low implementation and support costs.


The need to remotely control different parameters has been growing quite rapidly, which results from the following:


  • The changing prices of electrical power and energetic resources;
  • The need to implement the systems, which would automatically disconnect the power supply in case of failure to pay;
  • Consumers’ dissatisfaction with the growing power prices;
  • A significant amount of non-billed (“leaked”) power;
  • Human errors, when the data of the metering equipment are copied by hand;
  • No timely/synchronous copying of data when the readings of metering equipment are copied by hand;
  • The non-controlled parameters of the power, supplied to consumers at power points;
  • The non-controlled pressure at the supply routes;
  • Complicated identification of power “leaks”;
  • Long response and location times in case of emergencies (resulting in huge commercial loss);
  • Multiple other factors.


The remote parameter monitoring and control system Teliam ensures:


  • Reliable parameter monitoring;
  • Revealing of cases of stealing of power and fuel;
  • Simplicity of use;
  • Minimum operational costs;
  • More simple and efficient operation of the dispatcher unit;
  • Possibility of better control of the transmitted parameters;
  • Reduction of human resources and transportation costs;
  • Timely information on the exact location of a vehicle or other equipment;
  • Possibility to transfer the customer relations to a new quality level.
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