System possibilities



Telemetering (telemetry, lot. tele – “at a distance ") - the telecommunications field that transmitting measured data over the distance. Special device are placed in a location that was chosen by the size measurements. It’s collected data is automatically sent to the center thru the network (e.g., GSM network or the internet). The system use radio dispatch system, fixed-line modems, the Internet and mobile networks for sending measured data to the server.


Telemetry or remote measurement system, is used in many industries, for example, electronic television audience research, automated data needed for products such as gas, electricity, etc. sale, collection, data on road traffic, air, sea movements of the fleets control. Telemetry is used also to collect scientific data for science research, for example, seismology, climate data collection.


The implemented solutions, which improve the quality of performance at multiple enterprises: