System possibilities

GSM/GPRS monitoring


The Teliam system is intended for remote collection of reading of heating, gas, water or electricity metering devices and forwarding them via wire, radio, GSM networks or via the Internet to servers. The system is implemented in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, in which metering equipment is installed.


The system will enable the identification of unfair users on the basis of operational and statistical data for the parameters needed to perform the analysis of consumption, planning , energy supply organization.


System values of alarms for deviations from the average values in real-time system send to administrators an e-mail. or SMS text messages.


Remote reading of metering devices:


  • Easy planning and set up;
  • Ensure reliable data collection and transmission;
  • Allows you to read electric and gas, water and heat meters in a single system;
  • Allows synchronously read pressure sensor values;
  • Allowing to carry out heat insulation networks of polyurethane stand measurements;
  • Provides the possibility to read the data at especially small intervals (the possible reading intervals of the Teliam system – from 10 seconds to 31 days);
  • Allows in realtime view of energy demand and control of energy (heat, electricity) production or procurement;
  • Allows to reveal cases of power robbery;
  • Ensures easier and more operational dispatch services;
  • Operates by supporting two-way communication, i. e. provides the possibility to both read the devices or amounts of materials (produced and stored) and manage the equipment (for instance, activate or deactivate pumps and boilers according to the preset schedule or other parameters, control heating points and other equipment);
  • Allows you to reduce the human resources and transport costs;
  • Can handle and analyze the data according to client needs;
  • Provides ability to exchange data with other systems;
  • Covers the entire chain from the meter to the account;
  • Provides the ability to move customer relationship with suplyer to higher level.

Remote reading of meters


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