System possibilities

Fleet management system


System “Teliam” is able to read and show the forwarded GPS coordinates on maps and provides the possibility to see the location of the vehicle, it’s run and consumption of fuel, the speed the vehicle travelled at and other parameters.


The system "Teliam" enables to reduce service and delivery costs, increase efficiency of freight transportation, theft detection and create more accurate plans for logistics, etc.


To use the system is very easy. Unlimited number of users are allowed to connect to "Teliam" portal, send an SMS messages to traffic control equipment and receive SMS messages from the equipment mounted on the vehicle. It’s easily to generate reports in various formats and so on.


Transport control system „Teliam“:


  • Easily programmed and installed;
  • Ensures reliable data collection and transmission;
  • Ensures minimum operational costs;
  • Provides the possibility to read the data at especially small intervals (the possible reading intervals of the Teliam system – from 10 seconds to 31 days);
  • Provides an find out fuel robbery cases;
  • Provides timely information on the exact vehicles or other equipment location;
  • Process and analyze data according to user needs;
  • Provides the ability to exchange data with other systems.

Transport control system


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